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2021—22 Seminars & Conferences

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Fall Semester 2021

September 9
Lauren Schmitz: “Genetic and Environmental Influences on Schooling and Lifetime Earnings: Evidence from the U.S. High School Movement” (with David Weir) (Video)

September 16
Jason Fletcher: “Neighbors as Environments in GxE Research”

September 23
Shiro Furuya: “The Big (Genetic) Sort? Reassessing Migration Patterns and Their Genetic Imprint in the UK”

September 30
Jiacheng Miao: “Polygenic GxE: a new deal” (with Qiongshi Lu)

October 7
Jiacheng Miao: “Leveraging local genetic correlation to improve trans-ethnic polygenic prediction via Bayesian regression and grouped continuous shrinkage priors” (with Qiongshi Lu)

October 14
Jie Song: “Genetic correlation partition using UKB sibling data” (with Clara Zou, Yiliang Zhang, Jason Fletcher, and Qiongshi Lu)

October 21
Lauren Schmitz: “In Utero Exposures and Epigenetic Aging Signatures: Evidence from the U.S. Great Depression” (with Valentina Duque, University of Sydney) (Video)

November 11
Elena Bernabeu (University of Edinburgh), virtual guest presenter, “In Utero Exposures and Epigenetic Aging Signatures: Evidence from the U.S. Great Depression” (Video, link forthcoming)

December 9
Stephanie von Hinke (University of Bristol), virtual guest presenter, “The Long-Term effects of Early Life Pollution Exposure” (Video, link forthcoming 2022)

October 28–29 ǀ 12th Annual IGSS Conference at University of Colorado Boulder

Integrating Genetics and the Social Sciences 2021

Keynote Speaker: Melinda Mills (University of Oxford): “Why the social sciences and genetics need each other”

Please visit IGSS’s conference website for details.

November 18-19 ǀ Frontiers in Economic Analysis with Genetic Data Conference

A special conference on social genomics, co-hosted by the Initiative in Social Genomics, the Center for Demography of Health and Aging, and the Center for the Economics of Human Development at the University of Chicago, was held November 18–19. The conference covered topics ranging from child development, health behaviors, life cycle decision making, intergenerational transmission of socioeconomic status, and ethical implications of combining genetics with social science.

Conference webpage

Videos (links forthcoming)

2020—21 Seminars

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Fall Semester 2020

September 3
Overview/announcements and introductions, followed by breakout rooms

September 10
Yuchang Wu: “Estimating genetic nurture using summary statistics of multi-generational genome-wide association study”

September 24
11th Annual Integrating Genetics and the Social Sciences (IGSS) Conference (CU Population Center, University of Colorado Boulder) (Video playlist)

    • Joseph Clark: “Religious Context and Genetic Influences on Adolescent Drinking”
    • Shiro Furuya: “Mismatch between Social Time and Circadian Rhythm”
    • Julie Goodwin: “The Impact of Late-Career Job Loss and Genotype on Changes in Body Mass Index”
    • Philipp Koellinger: “Genetic fortune: Winning or losing education, income, and health”
    • James Li: “RDoC Mechanisms of Transdiagnostic Polygenic Risk for Trajectories of Depression: From Early Adolescence to Adulthood”
    • Qiongshi Lu: “Local Genetic Correlation Analysis Reveals Heterogeneous Etiologic Sharing of Complete Traits”
    • Lauren Schmitz: “Using Functionally Annotated Polygenic Scores to Explore the Impact of Gene-Environment Interactions on Smoking Behavior”
    • Sam Trejo: “Gene-Environment Interactions: Challenges and Recent Developments”
    • Yuchang Wu: “Estimating genetic nurture using genome-wide association study summary statistics”
    • Yuexuan Xu: “Bald is Beautiful? Life Course Outcomes for Individuals at high Genetic Risk for Male Pattern Baldness (MPB)”
    • Zijie Zhao: “Fine-tuning Polygenic Risk Scores with GWAS Summary Statistics”
    • Boyan Zheng: “Effects of Fertility on Life Outcomes Among Older Adults: A Novel Genetic Instrumental Variable Approach”
    • Xiaoyuan Zhong: “Genetics Meets Population Science: Understanding the Importance of Response Rates in Genetic Discovery and Prediction in the UK Biobank”

September 25
Madison-Amsterdam Journal Club – Sjoerd van Alten (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): discussed A. Young, S. Nehzati, C. Lee, et al., “Mendelian imputation of parental genotypes for genome-wide estimation of direct and indirect genetic effects”

October 8
Rosa Cheesman (King’s College London), guest presenter: “How important are parents in the development of child anxiety and depression? A genomic analysis of parent-offspring trios in the Norwegian Mother Father and Child Cohort Study (MoBa)” (Video)

October 15
Ben Domingue (Stanford University), guest presenter: “Heteroscedastic regression modeling elucidates gene-by-environment interaction” (Video)

October 22
Madison-Amsterdam Journal Club – Andries Marees (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)

November 5
Jonathan Beauchamp (George Mason University), guest presenter: “Nature and Nurture: Evidence from Molecular Genetics Data in Adoptees” (Video)

November 12
Philipp Koellinger: “Genetic data in the German Socio-Economic Panel”

November 19
Andrew Grotzinger (UT Austin), guest presenter: “Using Genomic SEM to Understand Psychiatric Comorbidity” (Video)

Spring Semester 2021

January 20
Jiacheng Miao: “A quantile integral linear model to identify genetic loci affecting phenotypic variability”

January 27
Eva Vasiljevic and Yuetiva Robles: “Alzheimer’s disease PGS validity and reliability across studies”

February 12
Methods Workshop: “Integrating Biological and Social Science into Health and Aging Research” (Video playlist), part of the series, Advances in New Data & Big Data for Aging Research, co-sponsored by four P30 aging centers.

    • Steve Cole (UCLA): “Social Regulation of Human Gene Expression”
    • Lauren Gaydosh (UT Austin): “Aging Across the Life Course: Lessons from Add Health”
    • Lauren Schmitz: “Integrating Genomic and Epigenomic Data into Population Research to Illuminate Social Pathways of Aging”
    • Sam Trejo: “The Phenotype Differences Model: Identifying Genetic Effects on High Blood Pressure using Incomplete Sibling Data”
    • Elliot Tucker-Drob (UT Austin): “Using Genomic SEM to Apply Social Science Models to Genetic Data”
    • Patrick Turley (USC): “The Traces of Assortative Mating on the Human Genome Reflect Human Behavior and Social Preferences”

February 17
Xiaoyuan Zhong: “Using survey weight to account for participation bias in the UK Biobank”

February 24
Madison-Amsterdam Journal Club (hosted by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) – Yuchang Wu, discussed F. Privé, H. Aschard, L. Folkersen, et al., “High-resolution portability of 240 polygenic scores when derived and applied in the same cohort”

March 3
Kristen Malecki: “Population Health Sciences and Opportunities for Aging Socio-genomics Research” (Video)

March 10
Jason Fletcher: “Understanding Sibling Correlations in Education: Genetics and Family Background”

March 17
Burcu Darst (USC, Postdoctoral Scholar), guest presenter: “Development and application of polygenic risk scores across diverse populations” (Video)
Nature Genetics

March 31
Alicia Martin (Broad Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital), guest presenter: “Polygenic risk scores for the world: current applications, limitations, and promise” (Video)

April 14
Jasmin Wertz (Duke), guest presenter: “Parental investment across a child’s life: Genetic analysis in a multi-cohort study” (Video to be released fall 2021)

April 21
Madison-Amsterdam Journal Club (hosted by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) – Sam Trejo, discussed L. Howe, M. Nivard, T. Morris, et al., “Within-sibship GWAS improve estimates of direct genetic effects”

April 28
Madison-Amsterdam Journal Club – Aysu Okbay (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam): “Resource Profile and User Guide of the Polygenic Index Repository”

Summer 2021

May 19
Welcome to Philipp Koellinger and informal discussion on ongoing and potential projects

June 8
Yuchang Wu: “GWAS on Birth Year Infant Mortality Rates Provides New Evidence of Recent Natural Selection”

June 15
Brooke Sasia: “Direct and indirect polygenic scores and trajectories of externalizing behavior”

2019—20 Seminars

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Fall Semester 2019

September 9
Introductions and project updates
Lauren Schmitz: Updates on Specific Aims for R21
Yuchan Wu: Updates on (1) Birth order GWAS+PGS project; (2) Sex-stratified GWAS on smoking behavior in the UKBB; and (3) GWAS of AD family history in the UK Biobank.
Discussion on building an infrastructure to share AddHealth/WLS/HRS genetic and phenotypic data between groups.

September 16
Amy Cochran (UW–Madison, Population Health), guest presenter: “Gene-Set Enrichment with Mathematical Biology”

September 30
L.H. Lumey (Columbia University), guest attendee

October 7
Project updates; and IGSS summary and reflection

October 21
Student Presentations:
Sheng Wang and Zijie Zhao: “The Nature of Nurture”
Julie Goodwin and Eva Vasiljevic: “Variable Prediction Accuracy of PGS Within Ancestry Group”

October 28
Student Presentations:
Julia CarlsonJoseph Clark, and Yuexuan Xu: “Clinical Use of Polygenic Risk Scores (PRS)”
Shiro Furuya and Boyan Zheng: “Deconstructing the sources of genotype-phenotype associations”

November 4
Kevin Thom (UW–Milwaukee), guest attendee

November 11
Lauren Gaydosh (Vanderbilt), guest attendee
Philipp Koellinger (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), guest presenter: Showcase and GIV/MR short course
Student Presentations:
Eva Vasiljevic: “Effect of early-life nutrition on dementia: a natural experiment leveraging the US pellagra epidemic”
Boyan Zheng: “Differential Genetic Susceptibility to Peer’s Depression: Methods and Findings”
Shiro Furuya: “Detecting Genetic Heterogeneities in Response to Trauma: The Case of 9/11”
Joseph Clark: “Religious Contexts and Genetic Influences on Drinking Behaviors”
Julie Goodwin and Lauren Schmitz: “The Impact of Job Loss and Genotype on Health and Health Behaviors”
Jiacheng Miao: “Testing gene-environment interaction without measuring the environment”
Yuchang Wu: “Birth order and smoking/pregnancy”; “Fine-tuning PGS” (Zijie Zhao‘s project)
Yuexuan Xu: “Social effects of baldness PGS”

November 18
Hyunseung Kang and Sheng Wang: “Causal Analysis of Educational Attainment and Alzheimer’s Disease: Mendelian Randomization and Instrumental Variable Approach”

November 25
Scott Hebbring (Marshfield Clinic), guest attendee
Discussion of collaboration opportunities

December 2
Qiongshi Lu: Updates on (1) Gamete simulation and its applications; (2) Dissecting direct and indirect genetic effects using GWAS summary statistics; and (3) Tissue-specific PGS.

December 9
Caiping Wei (UNC, Chapel Hill), guest presenter: “Genes, Gender Inequality, and Educational Attainment,” American Sociological Review paper

Spring Semester 2020

January 22
Introductions and project updates
Lauren Gaydosh (Vanderbilt), guest attendee

January 29
Yuchang Wu: Updates on (1) Genetics meets population science: understanding the importance of response rates in genetic; (2) Discovery and prediction in the UK Biobank; and (3) Dissecting direct and indirect genetic effects using GWAS summary statistics.

February 12
Lauren Schmitz: Functional PGS
Jason Fletcher and Boyan Zheng: HRS replication

February 19
Discussion on local genetic correlation; and “How to pick a research topic”

February 26
Julie Goodwin and Lauren Schmitz / Qiongshi Lu and Jiacheng Miao: V-PGS Methods and Results

March 4
Discussion on GWAS on age at first marriage

March 11
Hyunseung Kang and Sheng Wang / Jason Fletcher and Boyan Zheng: IV

March 25
Hyunseung Kang and Sheng Wang: Sleep and AD

April 1
Jason Fletcher: Family Analysis with PGS

April 22
Yuchang Wu: “Dissecting direct and indirect genetic effects using GWAS summary statistics”

April 29
Lauren Schmitz: “Social Determinants of DNA Methylation Signatures in MESA”

Summer 2020

June 9
Jiacheng Miao: “Quantile regression approach to detect vQTL”

June 30
Philipp Koellinger: Genetic and neuroscientific insights on socio-economic status based on results from two ongoing projects; summary of BIG BEAR consortium projects

July 7
Boyan Zheng: “Genetic-by-Peer-Environment Interaction Effects on Adolescent Substance Use”

July 14
Rebecca Johnson (Dartmouth), guest presenter: “v-PGS: A New Tool for G x E” (Video)

August 4
Xiaoyuan Zhong: “Understanding participation bias in UK Biobank”

August 11
Joseph Clark: “Religious Context and Genetic Influences on Adolescent Drinking”

August 18
Frank He: “Examining polygenic protective effect in ADHD” (with James Li and Qiongshi Lu)

August 25
Sam Trejo: “The Phenotype Differences Model: Identifying Genetic Effects with Incomplete Sibling Data”